Best PSP rpg games

IMHO best rpg games for PSP

Valkyria Chronicles 2: The Royal Military Academy

To tell you the truth, this game was the reason I bough my Sony PSP. I was so excited with the PS3 version of the game, and so devastated when creators announced that it will be released exclusively for PSP, I’ve decided to go for this handheld.

So, if you played first Valkyria, you should know what kind of game it is. Nice anime story (through the first part was better), great heroes and some sophisticated tactical/turn based RPG. The same is with second part (this game), I just found that graphics are a little worse. But it’s not the graphics that makes us play the game, right? Otherwise we would go with some fancy looking Final Fantasy series :)

There are some upgrades to the game, like cap of 50 lvl, gathering of elements for the tank upgrades and so on.

Overall, this game is awesome. If you don’t have it yet, please do not postpone and get it right now!

This is the gametrailers preview which you should watch, as always..



Where to get it?

Of course, try amazon! They have it now for just 25$.. and it’s not too much for a game like that!